Drawing taxa bar plot using view.qiime2.org website

Hi to all!

I did a taxonomy analysis and I finally got taxa bar plot file consisted of 493 samples.
But the site, view.qiime2.org, doesn't draw a bar plot. Actually, I think this is a problem of the browser but I can't figure it out. This is the page whenever I try to draw a bar plot using view.qiime2.org homepage.

What I use for drawing it are firefox and chrome. Please let me know if there is a way to draw it... I really wanna check the result of analysis...

Thank you!

Did you try to check it on another machine? If the problem persist something wrong with you pipeline

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Hey @1115,

I agree with @timanix, it’s probably a resource issue with your current computer. Unfortunately the bar plots will draw every stacked barplot as an SVG group (even when they aren’t visible) which is very taxing on your browser.

You could try using feature-table group to group your samples together (which will likely be more meaningful anyhow) which will also help with the resource utilization.

Absolute worst case:
You can also unzip (qiime tools extract or export) the visualization and pull out the different TSV files available in the data directory. It won’t look nice, but it will be the data at least.

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Hi, @ebolyen @timanix !! Thank you for your replies.

Of course, I did. My computer has 32 cores, 32GB of RAM and the other one has 32 cores, 42GM of RAM so I have no idea whether it’s a problem of my machine.

Yes, and that’s why I doubt a problem of my browser since it has to draw every stacked barplot. I didn’t try feature-table group to my samples. I should try that

Thank you for helps!

Is that the machine you are viewing the visualization on? It certainly isn't your browser's fault at that point, we're likely just running out of heap space in the viz, which is our fault.

Best of luck!

Hi @ebolyen. Thank you for your reply.

Yes! I always use those two machines to visualize qzv files. It has never showed the crushed tab before. It makes trouble only for this study. Can you fix it? or Is there another option I can draw it??

Thank you

I’m afraid there’s not really a workaround here with respect to the visualization itself. It is simply too big to work with (it’s likely also too complex to comprehend in the first place). You’ll need to either work with the data yourself, or use feature-table group to collapse your data by meaningful categories of interest.

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