Download raw data from Beta group significance plots

Hello and thanks for your amazing work.
In qiime 1 we used to download the values coming from to draw box plots in PRISM, is it possible to do it with beta-group-significance or any other function for beta diversity as well?

And also, what is the the threshold of p value and q value for having statistically significant distance with permanova (0.01, 0.05…)?
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Hello Sarah,

Great questions! To start with, you can view all the qiime 2 scripts (now called plugins) on this page.

This is the closest thing I could find to make_distance_boxplots:

You could also build these boxplots from the distance metrics, directly from the beta diversity plugins:

As for p-values from permanova, that choice is up to you! Remember to report the R^2 value too; if Treatment and Age both have p-values of 0.001, then you can look at the R^2 values to see what has the largest effect size (maybe they are both ‘significant’, but Age has the larger R2 value == larger effect).



Hi @sarasary82,

We are working to make raw data used in plots downloadable wherever possible in QIIME2 visualizers. We have an open issue to add this feature to beta-group-significance — but alas there is not a way to do this in the current release. We hope to add this feature soon.

Whatever you want it to be! So the same for any other P-value: you set the threshold you plan to use in your study, and stick with it. A p-value is giving you the probability that the result is statistically significant, so you decide the threshold you want to use.

And @colinbrislawn’s advice about noting the R2 value is important — that’s important to report in publication as it tells you the amount of variation related to each factor.

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