Download Kruskal-Wallis raw data

Greetins, i hope you can help me, Is there a way to download the raw data used to realize the Box diagrams of the phylogenetic diversity index, from the faith-grpup-significance.qzv file?
I need to improve the graphics.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum, @Edy2183!
There are a number of different approaches you could take, some of which have been discussed here already. A quick search of the forum will often save you a little time waiting for a response :wink: .

The qiime tools export command can be used to grab the data from any .qza or .qzv file. Here’s a good discussion of using that tool to get Kruskal-Wallis data. There’s more on that in the Exporting Data Tutorial.

All QIIME 2 artifacts and visualizations are, fundamentally, just zipped archives. You could also unzip the viz you’re working with, and take a look at the files in the data folder.

Finally, if you look closely at your visualization using qiime tools view faith-grpup-significance.qzv, or by opening it at, you’ll notice a “download csv” link, that will allow you download the data for pairwise comparisons.


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