Doubt about feature table

Hello everyone!!

I did analysis with QIIME 2 and I still have some doubts. If anyone knows how to answer me, thank you:

  1. Is the table feature an ASV table? If not, then what would an ASV table be?
  2. It may seem like a stupid question, but what exactly does a high resolution table mean?
  3. Can I join the table feature and taxonomy table in R from the table ID?

Thank you very much in advance,



Yes, a feature table is an ASV table, until you collapsed a feature table to some taxonomic level

That’s mean that sequences with difference in one nucleotide or in length are considered to be different ASVs. With OTUs there is some variability in sequences in one OTU

Definitely, but depends what you want to do. There are some topics about it on this forum, you can search for it


Hi @timanix,

thank you so much for your replies. I merged the tables in R, using the IDs the both tables. It’s worked.
In this case, now I’ve definitively a ASV table, right? Because now my two tables are collapsed…


You have a collapsed tables, if instead of ASVs I’d you have a taxonomy.
If you still have ASV I’d, as it was before, plus a new column with taxonomy, than it is still an ASV table

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