Does anyone how to run mantel test in qiime?

Hi buddies!
i´m working with samples on different geographic places and i want see, if there´s a relation between a distance matrix (p, ej, Bray Curtis distance) and geographic distance, i heard about mantell test but i don´t know how to run that analysis.

Does anoyne how?

I have 3 samples per location, so, is there a way to make the distances between samples in BC, Unifracc, etc to distances between groups? i mean, instead in my BC matrix have sample1 vs sample2; sample2 vs sample n, have group(or location) 1 vs group 2, and so on?

I think you are looking for diversity mantel :slightly_smiling_face: Here is a link to the documentation page, or you can simply call qiime diversity mantel --help from inside your activated environment for more information!

To see generally where this might fit in a workflow, you might checkout the this section of the Moving Pictures tutorial!

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