DNA sequence number

Hello everyone,
I am new to Qiime2. I want to know how many sequences are associated with each sample. From the previous similar post, they suggested to go through Moving pictures tutorial. So, after going through Moving Pictures tutorial, I run my samples. I am wondering whether "sequence count" in demux.qzv and "feature count" in table.qzv means number of sequences per sample? And also do I need to add both forward and reverse count to get total number of sequences per sample?
I will be grateful for your help!
Thank you!

In the demux.qzv file "sequence count" stands for the number of sequences per sample. You do not need to add amount of forward and reverse reads - they are both sequences of the same feature. But it is better to run Dada2 and visualize feature table, where forward and reverse reads will be already merged and all unmerged reads, noise and chimeras will be already removed in Dada2 step. In "interactive sample details" tab you can find numbers of sequences per sample.

Thank you so much for the help!

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