Different result from the tutorials of Option 2: Deblur in “Moving Pictures” tutorial

hi qiimers!

I followed the tutorials of “Moving Pictures” tutorial, however the results in step “Option 2: Deblur” is different from the tutorials. in detail, after “FeatureTable and FeatureData summaries” the sequence count of L3S341 is 653, not 1109 given by the tutorials.

I have downloaded the file of table-deblur.qza from the website followed the step of “qiime deblur denoise-16S” , the result is the same as above.

Could anyone check it for me, thanks a lot.

Hi @coswafly! That makes sense, since deblur is a completely different protocol than dada2! I am seeing the same count for L3S341 as you are reporting. Maybe @wasade (the author and maintainer of q2-deblur) might have some things to say about what influences these differences. Thanks!

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The tutorial is written under the assumption that you have applied Option 1 (DADA2) to perform denoising, this is why the even sampling depth of 1109 is used. As @thermokarst noted, Option 2 (Deblur) is a different algorithm so different results are not necessarily unexpected. I just wanted to clarify that the tutorial’s sampling depth is correct because it is assuming you have chosen Option 1 (DADA2) to create the feature table.


Hi @thermokarst, many thanks, i know why it happened, i use the result of deblur instead of dada2 to continue the tutorial.


hi @jairideout thank you very much, yeah, i have used the Option 2 (deblur) to follow the tutorial, that makes sense.

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