Difference Between Upcoming QIIME Workshops

I am a Physician Scientist that is interested in learning to use QIIME. What is the difference between the workshop titled Microbial Communities Profiling via QIIME 2 and Qiita in NYC and the workshop in Maryland next year titled Microbiome Bioinformatics with QIIME 2?

Trying to decide which one would be the most helpful to my career.

Hey there @RossMaltz! We haven't yet gotten to preparing a detailed schedule for the Maryland workshop, but I suspect it will be pretty similar to the upcoming workshop in Copenhagen.

I would say the primary difference between these two workshops (from my perspective) is 1) duration (2d vs 3d), and 2) scope (the NYC workshop will cover QIIME 2 and Qiita, as I understand it; the Maryland workshop will primarily focus on QIIME 2).

The Maryland workshop is orchestrated through NIH's FAES program, so they are usually able to offer a very diverse offering of registration options (based on funding, affiliation, etc), so depending on your needs there, that might be something else to consider.

I think either way you can expect the same dedication to excellence and quality that we strive for with all of our QIIME 2 workshops! :star2:

Perhaps @antgonza or @yoshiki can "QIIME" in about the NYC workshop (they are the instructors leading that class). Thanks! :qiime2:

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Hi @RossMaltz, Matt got this exactly right! Both workshops will be very similar and will overall cover similar topics. In the NYC workshop we’ll make sure that we cover and demo Qiita as well. Unfortunately the registration for the NYC workshop has closed now, but if you would like to still sign up for it, please let me know.

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