Dendrogram heatmap

Good mooring I performed gneiss and I had the heatmap (see picture attached).

how can I interpret the graph that I see? are there any further statistical tests I can do?

thank you

@rparadiso, I haven’t used Gneiss before, but here are some resources that might help:

This forum’s search feature :mag: can be super helpful, especially for general questions like this one.

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thanks @ChrisKeefe for your suggestion,
but I’ve already got to look at the things you suggested to me…
Unfortunately I have a work in the revision in which the referee asked me specifically for gneiss and I don’t know how to solve it, since some scripts have been removed, compared to the one suggested in the paper and previously present in qiime, without this the job cannot be published.
For this I asked on the forum, in the hope that someone knows what to do.

kindness comes even before language!

thank you

Glad to hear you’ve already looked into the resources I shared, @rparadiso.

Given my inexperience with gneiss, I may not be able to help you. However, if you can be more specific about what you know, and what you need help understanding, another forum member may be able to point you in the right direction.

Please understand that a very broad question like “How do I interpret X?” places a burden on other forum members to figure out what exactly you don’t understand. Is your question about the way the visualization is presented? How its features relate to your data? How gneiss works?

Your question also doesn’t show any effort to understand independently. Even if you’ve spent hours researching, if you don’t tell us what you know and what you still don’t get, it’s much harder to give a helpful answer.

I’m sorry if this sounds critical. I understand how hard it can be to formulate clear questions when working with new tools. It’s even worse when you’ve got pressure from a deadline. I hope my comments help you get the help you need, now and in the future.


Thanks ChrisKeefe,
I will try to explain better what I need...
I calculate old regression and balance taxonomy (picture attached). I need to know based on my output how interpreter it?

Can someone help me to understand? I am grateful for your help!


Thanks for sharing those screenshots, @rparadiso.

As a researcher, how you interpret your results is your responsibility - arguably the most important part of your work. We are happy to help with specific questions, but can’t tell you what your results mean.

I suspect that’s not actually the kind of support you want, but you haven’t provided enough information for us to know for sure. Please formulate some specific questions about the results you have shared. They should indicate what you already understand, and what you want to understand. This will help us identify what resources you need, so that you can make your own interpretations of your results.

If there is a language barrier issue involved here, just do your best. Your questions don’t need to be perfect. Goodness knows I couldn’t ask a clear question about science in any language but English! :grimacing:

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I’m sorry if my language is not to your liking, I asked for a hand probably in the wrong way … but there are many ways to answer and if you can’t understand me nobody forces you to do it.
thanks anyway but the comments not related to the scientific part I don’t think are necessary!

I’m sorry if I offended you in any way, @rparadiso. By encouraging you to post focused questions, I am trying to make it easier for more experienced members of this community to help you. I have recategorized this topic as “general discussion” to see if others in the community can lend a hand


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