Dada2 stats without percentage columns


I used before qiime2 2019 version. In that version after "dada2 denoise single" there was a simple dada2 stats with 5 columns ( sample-id, input, filtered, denoised, non-chimeric )

Now I'm using qiime2 2022.2 version. In that version it produces also additional columns "percentage of input passed filter", "percentage of input non-chimeric" by default

Is there an option in dada2 denoise to switch off these additional columns.

I know that I could filter out this columns by myself with python but I would wish to get "old" format as simple as it could

Hi @biojack,

Thanks for reaching out! We do not currently have a way to filter out those columns in QIIME 2, so that would be something you'd need to remove on your end. You can use something like this method in Python, which would be a quick way to remove these columns - if having them present in the resulting dataframe will interfere with your analysis pipeline in any way.

Hope this helps!
Cheers :lizard:


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