DADA2 output rep-seqs.qvz not as usual. What could be the reason?

Dear community,
This is my first intervention here since I use QIIME2. I am provided with various datasets 16S, ITS since one year, and until now I did not encounter errors (other than due to my own mistakes) I was not able to deal with.

What I have done: After importing my sequences and running dada2 pipeline, everything seems OK. I then exported the qvz file for my rep-seqs but faced what let me without solution so far. I did not find info on this particular issue, anywhere.
In the table obtained, I get something different from what I used to obtain. Please see the attached print screen, a comparison between the current problem (left) and what I get in a normal situation (right):

  • no link to blast the sequences
  • no info on the sequence length
    The 2 sets presented here comes from the same NGS source, and I used the same pipeline (despite the left is a 16S and the other ITS)
    What could be the source for such a difference?
    I restarted everything from scratch on a smaller set of samples but I get the same issue. I am stuck here.
    Many thanks in advance for any help.
    Best regards,

PS: I could provide a small dataset if it is needed

Hi @GTC_49460 - based on the screenshots you have provided, it is because you generated those visualizations using two different visualizers.

On the left, you appear to have run qiime metadata tabulate, and on the right, qiime feature-table tabulate-seqs.

If you want to confirm, click on the "Provenance" tab and investigate by clicking on the boxes on the left.



First of all, thank you for your quick answer, I was still wondering what was happening!
You are absolutely right that was my issue. Thanks again!
Best regards,

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