Creating a phylogenetic tree for relationship between samples


I’m wondering if anybody can tell me how to create a rooted tree for the relationship between samples. I have a rooted tree for the relationship between ASVs but I need to create a tree that can show how my samples are related to one another. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Please visit this page. You can find more options with their visualizations, such as alpha, beta, correlation, core-metric, etc.
I hope it helps you.
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Welcome @Sophie_Louise!

And thank you @TurboQiimer for pointing @Sophie_Louise in the right direction

More specificially, @Sophie_Louise, this action sounds like the one that you are looking for:

Alternatively (and perhaps a little more straightforward and intuitive) would be to create a heatmap with UPGMA clustering directly on the plot:

Unfortunately, neither of these will output a tree that you can use in other analyses…

Thank you @TurboQiimer and @Nicholas_Bokulich very much for pointing me in the right direction. I really appreciate the help.

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