Create a heat map with phylogeny and gene informations

Hi everyone, do you know if QIIME can do the following figure?

First to better understand, here is my data frame;
Cluster sequence_name
1 Scaffold_1:species1
1 Scaffold_4:species2
1 Scaffold_50:species3
1 sequence_1
1 sequence_2
2 Scaffold_2:species4
2 Scaffold_3:species5
2 Scaffold_56:species3
2 sequence_6
2 sequence_90

and a phylogeny in newick format such as:


And what I’m looking for is a tool to gather phylogeny and cluster information and get a heatmap such this one :

Do you know if it is possible?
Thank you for your help.​

Hi @darwin,
What you describe is a rather specific, tailored figure. QIIME 2 can generate a similar cluster map (heat map), but can’t do everything you describe. See qiime feature-table heatmap for something similar. You will need to generate this plot separately e.g., in R or python to produce exactly what you describe.

Ok I see I’ll take a look thank you.

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