Concatenating .qza files

I have had to split my dataset into smaller pieces because for some mysterious reason, our server crashes after about a week or so which interrupts the dada2 denoise-paired run (server crash is a separate issue im sure).
Anyway, Id like to concatenate the 6 fragmented repseqs.qza files before making a taxabarplot and other preliminary graphics because it helps me understand the microbial dynamics over the daily progression better. Any way to concatenate .qza files?


Good news! Yes, there is a way to merge your files.

There is not a general method to “concatenate .qza files” because the QZA extension simply denotes a QIIME 2 archive and all sorts of data can be inside — it’s the data type that really matters (and you can figure this out for any QZA by using qiime tools peek or qiime2 view), but many different types of QIIME 2 artifacts have their own merging methods.

In your case, you want to merge your rep seqs and presumably also your feature tables that are output by dada2. You can use merge seqs and merge to merge seqs and tables, respectively. See this tutorial for an example in the context of other analyses.

I hope that helps!


Great! That’s what I wanted to do. Thanks Nicholas.


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