Comparing ASV counts between groups of samples

Hello! I have an issue that I have been working on for many months now and cannot find a consensus on how to approach it.

After working with my data in QIIME2 and exporting the feature table with taxonomy, I am wanting to statistically test the abundance of one specific genera (at level 6) between groups of samples.
For example, there are 9 samples in group A and 10 samples in group B. I am wanting to use the number of ASV “hits?” for the genus Halomonas in each group of samples to test if there is any significant difference between the groups. So far, I have used the Welch’s student t-test. Is there another statistic test that can handle a small amount of samples, many zeros, and unequal sample sizes?

Thanks for any help!

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Hi @georgia,

Sounds like instead of exporting you should just be using ANCOM inside QIIME2. It is designed for this type of data.

As far as I know, Welch’s t-test is not suited for this type of data — compositional, non-normal distributions.

ANCOM will test ALL taxa, not just that one genus (unless if you filter your feature table) but maybe that’s not a bad thing :smile:

I hope that helps!

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