classify taxonomy using HOMD

The following are the commands, but I do not know how to convert HOMD files from txt to qza to import. Also, I have HOMD ref seq file and HOMD qiime taxonomy file (attaching the pic) and I don't know where to put each one in the command. TIA
image qiime feature-classifier classify-consensus-blast
--i-query rep-seqs.qza
--i-reference-reads HOMD-ref.qza
--i-reference-taxonomy HOMD-taxonomy-ref.qza
--p-perc-identity 0.98
--o-classification classification-se

Hello Heba,

You should follow the instructions in the feature-classifier tutorial for importing your data, then run the command you have posted above.

(I know I keep mentioning this, but have you confirmed that classify-consensus-blast works by running it with the silva database? Once you know the plugin in working, you can try using a new database like HOMD.)



Thanks Colin. Honsetly, I did not try SILVA yet as my lab just do HOMD but I will do it now.
Also, the qiime feature tutorial has security warning which I do not understand but it worries me.


The security warning states the following:

If using a pre-trained classifier such as the ones provided here, you should trust the person who trained the classifier and the person who provided you with the qza file.

This means that you should not accept a feature classifier from an untrusted source.


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