classify-sklearn command taking forever

I am using classifify-sklearn but command is taking forever (It’s been almost 3 days and command is still running). why is it so ? I have paired end data, 2 samples, 4 files with each of about 250mb.

Is it done yet? Sounds like you have lots of input sequences. If you have multiple cores, you can run this in parallel to reduce runtime (at the cost of more memory).

I stoped that command and ran it with –p-n-jobs 8 option. but still its taking too much time. its been 68hours since this command is progress
according to top command it’s taking 16.6% memory and 100% cpu.
what else I can do???

You must have a very large number of sequences, usually this step completes within a few hours but it is highly dependent on the number of input and reference sequences. All I can recommend is wait.

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