classic OTU table (.txt) to .qzv file

Hello I have a quick question

I have classic OTU table (tabbed text) in text file.
I wish to change this file into .qzv file
I checked through qiime tools import but it seems like I can't find the right option
Could you pls tell me what could I do to change the file?
Thank you in advance for the help!!!

1 Convert your file into biom

biom convert -i OTU-table.txt -o feature-table.biom --table-type="OTU table" --to-hdf5

2 Import it into Qiime2

qiime tools import \
  --input-path feature-table.biom \
  --type 'FeatureTable[Frequency]' \
  --input-format BIOMV210Format \
  --output-path feature-table.qza

3 Convert to .qzv file if needed (metadata file is optional):

qiime feature-table summarize \
  --i-table feature-table.qza \
  --m-sample-metadata-file metadata.tsv \
  --o-visualization feature-table.qzv

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