Citing Qiime 2 in publication


Any idea about available publication that used QIIME 2 in the data analysis instead of Qiime 1?


Hi @zeineldn,
QIIME 2 does not yet have its own citation. Please cite the main website ( and for now please cite the original QIIME 1 publication until QIIME 2 has its own publication.

Please also note that almost all QIIME 2 plugins implement methods that were developed independently of the QIIME 2 framework. You can retrieve citation information for each plugin by using the command qiime info --citations, and note that it may be appropriate to add additional citations not listed there (for example, the q2-diversity plugin lists citations for UniFrac, but if you use other beta or alpha diversity methods in a publication, you should cite the original source of that method.

I hope that helps!


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A QIIME 2 pre-print is now live and citable. Please see this post: