Changing axis labels, position and scale of axis and other parameters of plotting

I have different plots where labels, position, point size needs to changed. Like in case of PCoA plots instead of Axis 1,2,3… I wanted it to be PC1,2,3… Similarly x axis in Rarefaction curve starts from some negative values, I would like it to start from zero. How does one do it.

I am using qiime2-2018.8 in anaconda 4.6.4 in native Ubuntu 18.04.2

Hi @skgs1970,
It sounds like you want to make various customizations that are just out of scope in QIIME 2. These sorts of customizations are a job for your image editing software of choice: illustrator, inkscape, etc.

Use image editing software.

That action has a min-depth parameter that you could use to adjust where the x-axis begins. But ultimately this will be better to either (a) use image editing software to adjust this or (b) use the “download CSV” button to download the data and plot in R or another program that gives you complete control over plotting options.

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