Can't import manifest file

gartersnake.csv (4.4 KB)

I am getting an error when I attempt to import my manifest files . I have attached my .csv and added a screenshot of what the server is giving me 01%20PM

Hi @desiree757,
The error is suggesting that your gartersnake.csv is not recognized in your working directory. Can you double check to make sure that you are either giving the correct file path to your manifest file or make sure that you are running the above commands from the directory where your manifest file is.

hi @Mehrbod_Estaki ! 18%20PM

these are my commands right now is there anything that I am missing that could fix the issue?

Hi @desiree757.
It looks like you are operating a system remotely and from what you’ve posted I can’t really figure out where your manifest file is actually located; local or remote system. At one point you create a new directory called gartersnakereads.csv which is just a blank folder and that is not what you should be directing the script to.
Instead you need to figure out the exact location of your manifest file and just put that exact path in the --input-path line. It may look something like: /Users/biology…/…/gartersnakereads.csv (or wherever that file may be!). Or as I mentioned before, navigate to the directory where that manifest file is located in, at which point you can run your original command.

how do i find the exact location of my files ?

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