Can't download FASTA file from feature-table tabulate-seqs

Unfortunately, I am now stuck when I try to download the FASTA file from the rep-seqs.qzv using the QIIME2 viewer. The download fails and says there is no file. Sorry if this goes off the original topic!

Hi @cdevera! Looks like you found a bug! :bug: :ant: I have opened up a report here to track our development of a fix. In the meantime, you can export your representative sequences from the qza that represents these data:

qiime tools export \
  my-representative-sequences.qza \
  --output-dir exported-representative-sequences

where my-representative-sequences.qza is the file you are using as input to feature-table tabulate-seqs. Keep us posted!

The QIIME 2 2017.8 release is live and includes the tabulate-seqs bug fix! :tada:

Hi @jairideout! I updated my QIIME 2 to 2017.8 and have tested to see if it loaded properly (it did!). I just tried downloading the FASTA files and got the same failure. Any ideas?

Apologies for the late response!


Hey @cdevera,

Did you generate a new visualization (.qzv file), or are you still using the original?

The visualizations in QIIME 2 are self-contained, so once they are made, they never get to change (handy for archival and future-proofing, but sometimes inconvenient).

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Hi @ebolyen,

I did not recreate the visualization file, so that may be the issue. I will retry and let you know if it works! Thanks!!

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