Can qiime2 and qiime1-2017.12 exist on one computer

I have installed qiime2, but I want to install qiime1-2017.12 again at the same time. Can they exist on one computer at the same time? When I try to install qiime1-2017.12, it always appears that "OSError(39,“Directory not empty”). I don’t know where the problem is. Can someone help to solve it?Big thanks.

Hi @zhangzc,

Yes you can have multiple QIIME 2 installations (and QIIME 1 if you do it right) on the same machine without conflict.

In brief, the solution is to use conda environments like normal.

In fact, that’s our default installation process. What particular errors are you seeing, what environment do you have activated when you install? Could you post the full command and output?


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