Can not view qzv file in Qiime2View

Hi everyone!

I am very new to using Qiime2 so forgive me if this question is a bit simple...

I was running a permanova in terminal and produced a qzv file that I then wanted to look at in qiime2view. Unfortunately, whenever I upload the qzv file to qiime2view it gives me this error message: Error: Can't find end of central directory : is this a zip file ? If it is, see How to read a file

I'm a bit confused, because the qzv file I downloaded is not an html file or a zip file, so I am not sure why I can't open it? If someone can please help me with this issue I would really appreciate it.

Hey @ChristineRhino22,

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It sounds like your zip file wasn't complete when you used/downloaded it and gave it to q2view.
The very end of a zip file contains what's called the "central directory" which kind of points at all of the locations inside the zip file so that you can read an individual file. However as this is at the very end, if a process gets interrupted, or you just get excited and use it before the command finishes, you will end up with all of the contents, but none of the indexing which identifies the contents. Hence your error.

I would re-run your command and wait until you see the green message indicating your outputs are saved. At that point, the zip files should all be complete and you shouldn't have any issues. If you do, then something quite odd is happening and we would like to know more!

Hope that helps!

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