Bug: Bokeh broken for ANCOM analysis visualization

I finished the Moving Pictures tutorial and found that the last 2 visualizations using Bokeh did not function on my personal machine or when using the QIIME 2 website link. I feel as though there may be a bug with the package or its interface with QIIME 2. I’ll attach some links below:

Thanks for the help!

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Hello Greg,

Good catch! This plot is also empty on my computer.

Official Qiime demo visualization that should work (but doesn't).

This has already been raised here: Dots are missing the ANCOM plot?

The problem likely has to do with the latest bokeh install: https://github.com/qiime2/q2-composition/issues/56

The workaround for now is to downgrade bokeh to a previous version. bokeh==0.13.0 should do the trick.

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Yep, it is linked to in the topic thread @mortonjt referenced above. Will repeat here for completeness:

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