BLAST in rep-seqs.qzv


I am trying to BLAST some rep-seqs that I would like to further taxonomically classifier. I know that when I click on a rep-seq in the .qzv file, that it brings me to a page to BLAST that specific sequence, but what if I need to BLAST multiple sequences at a time? Is there a way a way to BLAST multiple rep-seqs?

Thanks for any and all assistance!

Hi @KatelynWeeks,
The links to NCBI BLAST in the summary visualization are really not intended for bulk classification.

If you want to BLAST multiple sequences, I recommend that you use the BLAST consensus classifier in q2-feature-classifier. Any reference can be used, including the references available in NCBI (if you download and format them correctly). The consensus classification can be disabled by setting max-accepts to 1, that’s really what you want.

The other option is to export your sequences to fasta and upload them all to NCBI-BLAST… presumably you just want to BLAST a subset of interesting reads if that’s the case, so you may want to filter first in the interest of time.

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