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I have analyzed a number of samples to find their taxonomy separately instead of creating one table.qza file for all of them. I would like now to make a graph just like the one multi barplot graph that is usually made when we process many samples together, that shows barplots for all of them, but this time using the many taxa-barplot files created so I can see the barplots for all my samples in one graph. Is that possible, and how can I do it? I cannot process all the samples at once creating one file because the amount of data is very big for my pc and it is much easier for me to analyse them separately. Thank you very much!

Hi @Angelica,

You can merge feature tables using qiime feature-table merge. That would let you combine your data. As. you’re combining it, dada2 and de novo OTU techniques can be inconsistent on different samples, and so hopefully you used deblur or closed reference picking this those are a little bit more consistent.


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Thank you very much!

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