BarPlot for just one 16S without metadata file

Hi Everyone!
I have data from just one sample for 16S sequencing and I have trained my classifier and achieved my taxonomy.qza file. Now I was trying to use the command qiime taxa barplot. But, the command gives an error saying Missing option "–m-metadata-file. The thing is, as I don’t have more than one sample, I didn’t perform the command “–m-sample-metadata-file metadata_16S.tsv” in:
qiime feature-table summarize --i-table PE-table.qza --o-visualization PE-table.qzv --m-sample-metadata-file metadata_16S.tsv. I read in an old post that someone used something as a biom file to convert the feature table into .csv file to use it in the barplotting. But I don’t know how to write the commands for that or if that would be the answer. I would try to perform a metadata file with just one barcode and 1 line for that sample, but in my Paired End sequences I don’t have any barcode as it is just one sample. Hope I made it clear. Thanks!!

Hey Melisa,
Three options:
The most proper option is to make a metadata file, there is a metadata tutorial in the docs. You just need the #SampleID index column and one fake column, that can be empty except for the header name.
Option 2:
If you have the denoising stats qza file created as output of dada2 (or deblur) you can use that as metadata.
Option 3:
You can use the table itself as metadata.


Thanks Devin! In the case I want to use the table itself, which is the command to convert it to .cvs? or shoud I put the table.qza directly?

The qza should work directly!

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