Authentication errors with qiime2 install

When I try to conda install as indicated on the main tutorial I get the following error

(gneiss) tests-MacBook-Pro-4:doc mortonjt$ conda install --file
Fetching package metadata .......

CondaHTTPError: HTTP 401 None
for url <None>

The remote server has indicated you are using invalid credentials for this channel.

If the remote site is or follows the Anaconda Server API, you
will need to
  (a) login to the site with `anaconda login`, or
  (b) provide conda with a valid token directly.

Further configuration help can be found at <>.

I’m not exactly sure I why I would need to login. Any ideas what is going on here?

I think I’m going to close this question. Looks like the authentication issue is specific for my machine and is happening with all of my channels.

Just in case someone runs into this problem. The issue has to do with a problem with the conda requirements. So just make sure to remove the existing conda channels and re-add them.

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