ANCOM detail difference between 2018.8 and 2019.10

I have found a difference in the ancom results view between 2018.8 and 2019.10 versions of qzv files.
On there are two visualizations of ancom analyses.
QIIME 2 View
QIIME 2 View

The display behaviour should be the same (both are differential abundance test at a specific taxonomic level), but only in the 2018.8 version, the taxonomic information is shown in the mouse-over action. See the following details of the two tutorial files


Is the display of taxonomic information no longer available in 2019.10 (applies also to 2019.7)?

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @arwqiime. This is a bug, and a fix has been submitted for inclusion in the next release of QIIME 2.

A workaround right now is to open the viz, and click "Open in Vega Editor":


Then, once the next page has loaded, search for the word "index":

Then, replace "index" with "id":

Now the IDs should show up:

Keep us posted!


Thank you for the workaround. Do you have a date when the next release will be published?

January 31, 2020 :partying_face:

Hi @Nicholas_Bokulich, we are preparing data for a mansucript and I am wondering, if the next release with the bug fix in ancom is already close-to-be-released?
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Hi @arwqiime, please see the 2020.2 changelog for dates and other information related to the upcoming release. Thanks!

Hi @thermokarst, thank you for the link to the changelog post. I could not find the ancom bug fix in the details, but I hope, it will be included.