Analyze ADONIS between months.

Hello everyone !!, Does anyone know how I could analyze the adonis result between months (3 months, July August and September). The way I am writing this function it gives me the general result of all the months between them. I would like to know the result for months, I mean, July vs. August … July vs. September … and September vs. August.

Thank you very much in advance.

dis ← vegdist(Family, method=“bray”)

adonis(dis ~ Month, Metadata, perm=999)

Result: Df SumsOfSqs MeanSqs F.Model R2 Pr(>F)
Month 2 0.02346 0.0117309 2.04354 0.04138 0.080 .

Hi @Osiris_Diaz,

Welcome to the :qiime2: forum! It looks like you’re running this in R, rather than QIIME 2. However, I think the answer is the same. As far as I know, vegan doesn’t let you do contrasts. I think your option would be to ues QIIME 2 with beta group significance (essentially the same functionality) which gives you pairwise results.