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Hello! I am going to use my university’s server to analyze my sequences in QIIME2. I was asked that how much storage will I need for my analyses. The server area will be empty so i am going to install everything that I need for my sequence analysis and also Rstudio.

I have 25 microbial samples to be sequenced from 16S V3-V4 regions. They are collected from marine sediments so there will be high abundance and diversity.

Could you give me some estimations of storage requirements for me?

Hi, @mertcan ! :wave:

Unfortunately, it’s not that straightforward to give an estimate based on what you have told us. You will have to assess the data yourself. Do you have access to the data yet? If so, where is it? There are a variety of ways to tell how much data you’re working with, depending on where the data is (a windows, mac os, or linux computer?) For example, on Linux, you can use the du command. On Mac OS, you can simply right-click on a folder and select “get more info.”

Hi @andrewsanchez !

Thank you for your response.

I have not sent my samples to be sequenced. I would like to do some training before I get my samples. My plan for the moment is downloading sequences from articles and trying to get the same result. However, I will get my own sequences a couple months later.

I know that is not a clear situation but IT guys want to know that, how much storage will I need, in order to use server computer. That is why I ask this question.

I would guess 100 GB should be more than enough storage for your situation and is a reasonable amount to request.

I would suggest finding a dataset that is similar to the one you will be working with, evaluating its size, and use that as a benchmark for the amount of storage you will request.

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That is what I was searching for! Thank you for your help.

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