AMI AWS qiime1 not found

Hello to everybody,
I apologize for asking help about Qiime1.9.1 but I need to end up my analyses with it before I can move to Qiime2.
My issue is the very time-consuming script (with Blast) on macqiime.
My computer shut down automatically and interrupted the process after two weeks of running (and still it did not get any results)!! I need to speed the process up and I was thinking to get an AWS but I can’t find the AMI of the last qiime1.9.1 on the comunity ami list but I know it should be still available.
I renew my apologies for being out of topic.

Do you think it would work faster?

Can you please help me to find the ami?

Thank you very much for your kind attention and your willingness.

Best regards,

Hi @chiara - we aren’t able to provide support for QIIME 1 questions, so I have moved this post to the “Other Bioinformatics Tools” section of the forum. Maybe some other QIIME user will be able to provide assistance.

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