Alpha Rarefraction curve for Ion Torrent data

I had generated the alpha rarefaction curve, but the curve is little bit different than the normal rarefaction curve, The samples had been sequenced in Ion Torrent S5, is this normal to get an curve like this for ion torrent data.? I had attached the visualization file..LogMPIE-alphararefaction_curve.qzv (864.6 KB)

Different how, @Sreevatshan?

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I guess there is nothing special about Ion Torrent data that could result in an odd-shaped rarefaction curve. Maybe you’re asking yourself why the curves are not leveling out. If that’s the case, take a look at this reply.


Hey @vheidrich, Yes that was the question…Thank you so much for your insight , I had clearly understood it…!! And Thank you @ChrisKeefe…!!


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