Alpha rarefactiot: how to plot level of rarefaction

Hi Everyone!

I have had a look for an answer in the forum, but I can not find it. Apologies if it is up here but I am fairly new with QIIME2 so still wrapping my head around everything.

Is there a way to visualise the level of rarefaction on the alpha rarefaction curve ? I have graphed to a sequence depth of 100,000 but want my maximum sampling depth to only be at 14965 sequences. I essentially want to show my readers that the sequence coverage plateaus after 14965, and want to indicate where that is on the graph.


Hi @Sarah_Ratcliffe,

I think you would have to draw a line, manually, on the graph, at around 15,000 sequences/sample. You could also take the rarefaction data and plot it elsewhere.


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