alpha rarefaction -sampling depth

Deal all,
I have a quick question on sampling depth.
I have 23 samples sequenced. one of them only have 800 counts, which is the minimum frequency. What would happen to the sample if I set the sampling depth to 2000 and do alpha rarefaction? Will the random sampling be performed to that sample? or it will be directly removed from further analysis? I hope I made myself clear. thank you!


Hi @arlandan,
I believe that sample will just not be included in your output because it didn’t reach the minimum depth needed for it to be sabsampled to. But you should totally try it out and see for yourself, these things are always more fun to learn by doing.

Thanks @Mehrbod_Estaki
That’s true. I have been playing around and I found the more I explore, the more questions coming up :cold_face:

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