Alpha Diversity Analysis

Hello, I wanted to ask if there is a method to calculate alpha diversity analysis on just ONE sample. I tried the tutorial of moving pictures but that is also based on multiple samples and gives a ordination error for single sample. I was able to get just the values of calculated metrices example faith pd, chao 1 etc with the help of this forum Alpha and Beta Diversity Explanations and Commands - Community Contributions / Tutorials - QIIME 2 Forum. I want to know if there is a similar method like in moving picture tutorial for just one sample.
Please help me out.

Hello @Dua_Fatima,

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Yes, you can calculate alpha diversity stats on a per-sample basis. This is because alpha diversity is a per-sample measure (like number of different features observed in a sample), while beta diversity compares two samples (how many more features are in this sample compared to that one).

Stephanie put together this awesome list of all the alpha and beta diversity stats, which you might find helpful. That explains the alpha metrics you were able to calculat, like Faith's PD and Chao 1.

Most of the tutorials and examples use many samples as that's more common, and more informative. Do you have a larger cohort of samples you will be looking into in the future?

Thank you so much for replaying. Yes my aim is to calculated individual sample alpha diversity of individual data and compare it with the data we have in the system. I am able to get just the numeric value with this list. Can we apply statistical tests for ploting them? Are there any other methods or packages that can provide clear and deeper information for each sample just like the results we get for the group one.

Great! Yes, those per-sample alpha values are perfect for this. Keep in mind that alpha values can change depending on how the data was processed, it's important to process your new data in the same way as the existing data to make sure results are comparable.

Sure, but only with more than one group, each containing more than one sample.

I think the alpha diversity stats, including ones like Choa1 and Faith's PD, are the best and only options. Most other stats plugins require more microbiome samples and groups. :man_shrugging:

Let's zoom out :telescope:

What's the biological question you are investigating? Other than microbiome data, what other kinds of data to you have, and what are you hoping to demonstrate with this data?

Thank you so much for helping me. I got the values I think I could work with them they are good to go. My work is not research related is more into development. Thank you once again

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