Alpha beta diversity problem in metadata

hello everyone
i can do part of analysis with qiime of course with your help.but I am getting the following error in diversity stage (screenshot) and I upload my metadata too.

of cource i can run qiime diversity alpha-rarefaction with successful.
i have 109 sample each one of those samples corresponds to 8 different sites sampled, in each of sites collects 5 type of tissue sample(leaf,root,shoot,soil,rhizosphere) to which later the DNA extracted from the microbiota and they were marked with primers of RNA16s -Amplicons sequence. then The question I seek to answer with alpha and beta diversity analysis is to find; In which of the 8 sites and 5 type tissue sample is a greater diversity of bacteria concentrated ?

please help me.

Hey @elaheahmadi!

I think the issue is that your “q2:types” row is above your column headers. It needs to appear just beneath them. If you swap the order of those two rows it should behave like you expect.

I’m a little surprised we are aren’t seeing a different error here, but I suppose the parser is considering the first row a “comment” and ignoring it entirely.

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