after qiime vsearch uchime-denovo

I have a question.
I am studying qiime2 by myself now.
I am following the flow by looking at the provenance of the qza file.
Then there is a part I don't understand, so I ask a question.
The command of qiime vsearch uchime-denovo proceeded as follows.
qiime vsearch uchime-denovo
--i-sequences clustered_sequences.qza
--i-table clustered_table.qza
--o-chimeras chimeras.qza
--o-nonchimeras nonchimeras.qza
--o-stats uchimestats.qza
After this I am going to proceed with the qiime feature-table filter-features.
I don't know which input table to put.
qiime feature-table filter-features
--i-table clustered_table.qza
--m-metadata-file sample-metadata.tsv
--o-filtered-table filter-table.qza
I will wait for your kind answer.visualization.qzv (6.5 MB)

Hello @HANA,
I hope that I can help you with this issue.
So I looked at your provenance and I see that the file that they inputed for qiime feature-table filter-features has an uuid of “1d82def3-07d0-48cf-9160-9395d18f4558”
So what you need to do is run “qiime tools peek” on both the chimeras.qza and nonchimera.qza and it will tell you the uuid and the one that matches the uuid above is the winner!
I think it will be the non-chimeras one but I may be wrong.
If my solution doesn’t work or if I misunderstood your question, let me know and we will do some more debugging!
I hope this helps!
Chloe :turtle:

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