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We recently sequenced the rbcl and its2 region from a sample containing only a single known plant species. The reason being is that we would like to add this species to existing databases for future projects. I have a rescript database (qiime2-2022.2) for both rbcl and its2 regions to which we want to add the sequence and taxonomy info. What is the most efficient manner/commands to add a single sequence and species to the databases prior to rerunning "qiime rescript evaluate-fit-classifier"? I have the seqs and taxa.qza's for both databases of interest, rbcl and its2.

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Hi @John,

Thank you for using RESCRIPt! :slight_smile:

All you need to do, is make sure your sequence and taxonomy formatting is identical to your existing RESCRIPt rcbl / its2 databases and then simply run the following :qiime2: merge commands on each database, after you import the data. Here is an example using rbcl:

qiime feature-table merge-taxa \
    --i-data rbcl-taxa.qza new-rbcl-taxa.qza \
    --o-merged-data rbcl-taxa-ver02.qza

qiime feature-table merge-seqs \
    --i-data rbcl-seqs.qza new-rbcl-seqs.qza\
    --o-merged-data rbcl-seqs-ver02.qza

From here you can simply re-train your classifier etc...


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