About the Code of Conduct

I just noticed this site now has a Code of Conduct!

This is one of the best ones I have read. Writing these is really hard, and this one is really good at setting reasonable rules and also setting the right tone. Is this based on another document and what modifications / additions were made to it?

@gregcaporaso @thermokarst



Thanks @colinbrislawn! Discourse (the system that this forum is built on) provides a template which was our starting point. We’ve made some modifications to that template to get to the current version. I believe this document was the template that we started from (it’s very close if it’s not the exact document). You can see that we added several sections.


A brief timeline for those interested: this forum has had a Code of Conduct since it first launched in October 2016. We used the default CoC that @gregcaporaso referenced above until about March 2017, when we made a majority of the QIIME 2-specific edits that you see listed in the document today.