A question about qiime diversity analysis

Now,I am dong the alpha-diversity analysis, the results shows that :
I have referred to some changes about qiime2-2018.2, and modified my metadata file. but my results can not show sampleID of my library. help!

Hi @liucong2018! I am not 100% I understand your question, so if that is the case, please let me know! The visualization you are referring to is the Alpha Group Significance boxplots, and it sounds like you want to plot these values based on your samples. Since this visualization is focused on understanding the distribution of diversity metrics within a particular group, I don’t think there would be anything to see grouping on your samples themselves, since every “group” would have a sample count of 1 (what kind of distribution would you have then?). Does that make sense? If not please let us know! Also, let us know what it is you are ultimately trying to accomplish and we can point you in the right direction! :t_rex:

I really want to get the Alpha Group Significance boxplots of my samples. I can not differ my various samples in my library from the results because the optional column is Barcodesequence. I do not think my metadata had a problem because I had examed it by Keemei. I do not know what’ s wrong with the visualization of the Alpha Group Significance boxplots.

maybe some samples in my library contains the same barcodes?

As I mentioned above, it is impossible to generate a boxplot for one single sample (there is no distribution to visualize). You need to create a sample metadata file specific to your study - we can’t tell you what to add here. It does look like you are using an old QIIME 1 metadata file, which we support in QIIME 2, but only for backwards compatibility. Please review the Metadata in QIIME 2 tutorial for more information.

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