A few quick questions


  1. In my dataset, there are almost 21 parameters in my metadata. So how can I use “for in [characters]” in the qimme2 command? I am not familiar with python, so, If possible, could you please give me an example? Thanks so much!

  2. I used the “qiime feature-table filter-samples” to get some interesting samples from the table.qza. So,

  3. I have to make the corresponding metadata for every filtered table.qza to do the downstream analysis? Can I still use the metadata with the full samples? In the tutorial of ‘Moving Pictures’, you have selected the gut samples for the ANCOM. The sample-metadata.tsv is the original one or the gut samples’ one?
    qiime composition ancom
    –i-table comp-gut-table-l6.qza
    –m-metadata-file sample-metadata.tsv
    –m-metadata-column Subject
    –o-visualization l6-ancom-Subject.qzv

  4. Are there other commands to get the rep-seqs.qza, tree.qza or matrix of some targeted samples?

Many thanks for your help!


Definitely you can. I filtered my table according different parameters and performed some analisys with filtered tables using the same metadata file. It worked fine for me.

Thanks for your reply! grinning:

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