A few papers to write and interpret the obtained results

Hi Matthew,
I analysed data suing qiime2 pipeline on macOS platform. Could you share a few papers to write and interpret the obtained results?

Sincerely, Bhagwan

Hi @Bhagwan,

Are you looking for advice to write a methods section (in which case there’s a nice description in the official docs?

Otherwise, interepretation of your results is a big complex topic. I’ll be honest and say its taken me about 5 years to get a handle on how to remotely approach interpretation and I’m nowhere near where I should/could be. (Although perhaps results interpreation is one of those exercises like :dancer:, :martial_arts_uniform:, :woman_cook:, etc where there is always room to be better.) This depends on your question, on what your data has/hasn’t shown, on the metrics you used, etc. (I’d also argue this is why you hire a :woman_technologist:, but that’s another discussion).

I did do a quick search of google scholar gives a mix of methods and benchmarking papers, but starting from page 2, there are several that use QIIME 2; I’ll also link you to a recent pre-print of mine that I’m proud of that used a mix of QIIME 2, R, vanilla python, perseverance, and profanity.

Also, worth keeping in mind that anything you see published now likely took 6-12 months to analyze plus time to make it through review, so there are new features, methods, ideas, etc in this fast moving field!