Community Contributions

Q2-ghost-tree plugin for creating hybrid-gene trees within the QIIME 2 environment [Plugins] (1)
Demultiplexing and Trimming Adapters from Reads with q2-cutadapt [Tutorials] (4)
Querying for public microbiome data in Qiita using redbiom [Tutorials] (1)
Alpha and Beta Diversity Explanations and Commands [Tutorials] (9)
ANCOM: 'low W taxa identified as significant' issue's workaround, ANCOM2 code/instructions [Community Contributions] (1)
Q2-cscs community plugin for metabolomics data [Plugins] (12)
Q2-breakaway: Community Tutorial [Tutorials] (3)
Q2-dsfdr: community tutorial [Tutorials] (9)
Silva 132 classifiers [Data resources] (9)
Get fully annotated `.biom` tables from Qiime 2 to Qiime 1 (and e.g. Phyloseq) [Community Contributions] (2)
Importing dada2 and Phyloseq objects to QIIME 2 [Tutorials] (4)
Big List of Installation Issues [Tutorials] (1)
Transferring Qiita Artifacts to Qiime2 [Tutorials] (1)
Merging seqs.fna from multiple projects Part 2 [Tutorials] (6)
MIDORI: Metazoan mitochondrial reference available [Data resources] (1)
Classifer HITdb from Ritari et al. 2015 - suitable for q2 [Community Contributions] (1)
Q2-fragment-insertion community plugin [Plugins] (9)
Distribution-based clustering plugin (dbotu_q2) [Plugins] (1)
Moving Pictures Python API tutorial (QIIME2 2018.4) [Tutorials] (1)
Developing and troubleshooting a QIIME 2 plugin [Community Contributions] (1)
EMP protocols are published on [Data resources] (1)
UNITE (ver 7.2 2017-12-01) Classifiers for QIIME2 (ver. 2017.12) Available Here [Data resources] (4)
Clustering sequences into OTUs using q2-vsearch [Tutorials] (2)
Analyzing paired end reads in QIIME 2 [Tutorials] (10)
Identifying and filtering chimeric feature sequences with vsearch [Tutorials] (2)
Gneiss tutorial [Tutorials] (2)
ANCOM tutorial: Moving Pictures of the Human Microbiome dataset [Tutorials] (2)
QIIME2中文帮助文档 (Chinese Manual) [Translations] (1)